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Title: Cry Witch
Pairing: Roger Federer/Andy Roddick/Mirka Vavrinec, hints of Mardy Fish/James Blake
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 066. Rain
Rating: R
Dedications [ profile] greeniebach for offering spell check services in light of my Word proving a pain in the ass, [ profile] astonish for spell checking, much help and encouragement -- seriously. Go feed her cookies -- and [ profile] scoobydumblonde for the final spell check. :D
A.N.: Halloween fic! I was amazed that the plot I’d had since summer actually linked in with a fanfic100 prompt. Whee for killing two birds with one stone. :) I know it's late but only by what, four days? Just? ;-)
Warnings: Um, not really sure. Abuse of Roger, supernatural possession of most of the ATP tour, especially evil!possessed!Rafa. General Halloween madness.

Extra note: This is *not* edited. I'm to sleepy to edit now but I've been promising this for days, so I want to post it because I won't have much time tomorrow. Sorry for any glaring errors; point them out and I'll fix them, maybe along with a few other things in the next few days. :)

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Title: Pretend
Rating: G
Pairing: Pre-slash, faintly implied future Andy/Roger
Summary: Andy’s heard about Roger being injured and he’s not happy.
Notes:Set around the thirteenth of October 2005, after Roger announced that he’d injured his foot during practice. Written, at least in part, for the [ profile] fanfic100 challenge but not really fitting to any of the prompts, so I'm using up one of my writer's choices. So this is #096. Not properly edited as of yet; don't be surprised if minor things change in the next few days.
Dedications: For [ profile] liroa15 and [ profile] astonish for the read-through and comments. :) Saving my sanity.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, anything to do with them, am not them, etc. Making no money, I'm just playing with the pretty people for a while.

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