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Given LJ's recent relocation to Russia and updated Terms of Service, I've backed up all of the fic entries posted at clofic on Livejournal here on Dreamwidth. This is to keep track of all the comments and some of my personal fandom history that I'm pretty fond of, even if it was a million and a half years ago.

All the entries and comments will be publicly available here on Dreamwidth at clofic. Once the import is complete, the original LiveJournal will be deleted.

No matter what accounts I delete, no fic will ever disappear from the internet; I believe it's important to preserve fic (no matter how bad/embarrassing/lacking punctuation, seriously wtf younger self) for the sake of fandom history and hey, anyone who's ever read something and liked it, and is a little bit heartbroken if it disappears. All old fic will still be available here on Dreamwidth or on Insanejournal at clofic there.

New fic will be available on my A03 account. My main account over at Clo on LiveJournal will remain open because I don't want to lose the username, but everything will either be deleted or made private. Main operations will continue here on Dreamwidth under clo_again on Dreamwidth.

I don't know if anything new will be posted here but I work on a lot of wips at once and they lurk around my harddrive like suspicious asbo-courting teenagers, making sullen comments about how I neglect them terribly even when they're thousands of words long, so hey. Maybe there'll be some snippets. I don't know; keep watching, I might do a trick.

Keep on trucking, fandom.


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