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Hey so remember how I was all 'everything will be public over here on Dreamwidth!' in that intro post? I've only just now realised that DW imported all the posts with the default LJ privacy settings, which were friends only from way back when. As a result I've spent a gloriously dull twenty minutes or so going through and changing the settings, realising that baby!me was a terrible tagger and trying to rectify my past mistakes, and realising on top of that how disorganised everything posted to clofic on LJ actually was. Really; if for any reason you want to read my old fic, there's a neat index over on Insanejournal that's got you covered.

As for now, here, snippets! I'm currently procrastinating by writing a new fic, which is procrastination from the slightly older new fic, that was procrastination from before you come to evening chapter 4. This much distraction is a full time job y'all, so to keep up the pretense that I'm actually getting somewhere there'll be a rush of WiP snippets posted here - now? Every week? When there's a second blue moon in a month and Mercury is in retrograde? Anything is possible; I'm winging this (that made me laugh, for reasons that will be mysterious unless you read one of the snippets).

They'll be separately posted and tagged (correctly, because I am no longer the heathen that my younger self was) so snippets of the same fic can be sorted by tags for ease, and snippets can be sorted from finished fic (which will be all over on AO3 anyway).

This post is in itself procrastination from the two things I'm already procrastinating with from the actual thing. This is procrastination cubed. Amazing.


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